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Asphalt Paving & Drainage Work from Germantown, Maryland

Jim Stanley Asphalt in Germantown, Maryland, provides customers with fantastic quality asphalt paving and drainage work.

We do it all—from ground-breaking to the finished product, our craftsmen can handle all of your paving needs. We can tear out your existing asphalt, restructure the sub-base, grade, gravel, and pave new asphalt. Our team also resurfaces over your existing asphalt driveway, still keeping it level with the garage with positive water drainage. These services are also perfect for commercial spaces such as shopping center parking lots.
If you have a water problem, we can correct it. Our technicians use state-of-the-art leveling systems, trench drains, down spouts, box drains, basket drains, and drain tiles.
Our purpose at Jim Stanley Asphalt is not to peddle a few maintenance goods and services that will temporarily improve the looks of your property. We are dedicated to establishing a consultative relationship with you—one that will educate you on all aspects of asphalt maintenance.
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References Available
We have served many local businesses, and some of these include JEFFCO Custom Homes, Rockville United Church, and Fine Earth Landscaping. Other commercial references are available upon request, and we also can provide a long list of residential references.
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